Drift Bar Houston

High Tides, Good Vibes

Norton was tasked with bringing the brand to life both digitally and in print.


Our creative team set out to establish a brand identity for Drift inspired by sunny beach vibes with a flair of Southern charm, allowing guests to drift away from busy city life at every touchpoint.


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About: Drift Bar Houston
About: Branding


a local paradise

Norton's comprehensive branding process combines strategic insights with a unique and signature design aesthetic, which were key in bringing our client's long-time vision of Drift Bar to life.

simple living & easy drinking
About:simple living & easy drinking
simple living & easy drinking

The Drift concept incorporates everything you love about Southern coastal living & true Texas icehouses.

About: menu design

menu design

beautiful & functional

The cocktail menu is not only nice to look at; it also drives customers to order the most profitable items more frequently.

about: Social


Voice & Tone

We established a brand voice and tone and infused a true sense of community around the brand via social media.

about: Web


Digital Presence

The website design elevates the brand by reimagining the digital experience for the bar guest.

about: Illustration


Hang Loose

The logo's hand-drawn palm tree evokes relaxation, and the horizon lines symbolize the calmness you feel after a long day on the beach, winding down while enjoying a cocktail.

about: Photography


Laidback Vibes

The photography style was developed to set Drift apart from your typical neighborhood bar and showcase the concept as a polished and professional lifestyle brand.


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