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Norton was tasked with boosting both profitability and general awareness of Fazoli's updated offerings through dynamic menu design and engineering. Our team continues to support ongoing campaigns with creative strategy.


Update navigation to improve readability and feature the most profitable, craveable items. New menu boards featured updated photography, included family meals, and also incorporated wings into the core menu board.


  • Menu Design

  • Menu Engineering

  • Photography

  • Campaign POP


  • National

About: Fazoli's
About: Menu Board Design

Menu Board Design

interior + drive-thru

Inspired by the brand's familiar aesthetic, the new menu boards needed to also be easy for guests of all ages to navigate with prominent placement of high-margin items.

wholesome, craveable food at an affordable price.
About:wholesome, craveable food at an affordable price.
wholesome, craveable food at an affordable price.
Menu Mockup
About: menu engineering

menu engineering

boosting transaction & ease-of-navigation

Full menu engineering was employed to maximize profitability, taking into account many data points associated with brand equity, eye movement, operationally-friendly recipes, PMIX, and contribution margin by both item and category.

About: campaign strategy

campaign strategy

New Mac & Cheese

Driving traffic and guest frequency through creative strategy and campaign assets. Includes ideation, product naming, design exploration, photography style, and more, all laddering up to each overall campaign theme.

Drive-thru menu boards
About:Drive-thru menu boards
Drive-thru menu boards
About:Drive-thru menu boards
About: print & digital creative

print & digital creative

stuffed pasta fest

We develop attention-grabbing marketing collateral that drives trial and cuts through the crowded, busy QSR/FCR promo period noise—selling Fazoli’s LTOs as truly unique, craveable, great value offerings.

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