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Norton was tasked with improving Smoothie King's value perception and speed of service by designing and engineering a brand new, future-forward menu concept to drive sales and traffic.


The updated menu design highlights ingredient photos to reinforce freshness and whole foods, calls attention to purposes and sub-purposes, and streamlines the ordering process with pricing listed out in columns. At the crux of the design is a balanced message of "rewarding yourself" and "getting fit" crafted to offer choice without overwhelming the customer.


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About: Smoothie King
About: Menu Design

Menu Design

creatives and strategists analyzed results and developed multiple design concepts that positioned Smoothie King for growth while staying true to the brand’s vision. Menus were engineered to improve ease of ordering and maximize profitability.

Ingredient imagery in headers to reinforce freshness
About:Ingredient imagery in headers to reinforce freshness
Ingredient imagery in headers to reinforce freshness

Subtle gradient backgrounds with bands of color to differentiate smoothie categories & improve overall legibility

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About: find the perfect smoothie

find the perfect smoothie

made with you in mind

Smoothie King's brand mission is to be an integral part of every health and fitness journey, inspiring people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


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